NCAAH Annual Budget


From old novels like Moby Dick to modern movies like Free Willy (Release Willy), all artistic creations show that the seas of the world and their inhabitants are firmly anchored in our culture, always stimulating our imagination and spirit of adventure. For many, it embodies freedom, and beaches mean recreation and vacation. But how much does it cost to maintain aquatic animal health?

Reasonable Budget Supply - Healthy seas provide jobs in the tourism sector.

Worldwide, there are 200 million jobs due to maritime tourism, from vacations on the Mediterranean coast to diving holidays in the Red Sea, Egypt, and whale watching holidays in Patagonia or Costa Rica. Many of these jobs provide a basic income for people living in developing countries like the USA or on small islands and can be one of the few sources of income for the local population. The same concept also works for NCAAH.

The basis of tourism consists of healthy seas and coastal areas with intact ecosystems - thus, sustainable fishing contributes to building a responsible relationship with these precious resources.

Total Money Resources of NCAAH

According to the Constitution of the USA, the Law on Administration local public law, the Law on the Budgetary System and Budgetary Process, and the Law on local public finances, the administrative-territorial units have financial autonomy and, respectively, have the right and are to develop and to approve the NCAAH annual budget within the limits of available financial resources, which consists of:

a) own revenues;

b) deductions from general state revenues;

c) transfers from ATU level II budgets;

d) unique means;

e) special funds.

Although the basis for the elaboration of the budgets of the administrative-territorial units is the principle of financial autonomy and the responsibilities of the public administration authorities of the administrative-territorial units (ATU) to elaborate budgets in the manner established by them, however, the local budget cannot be drawn up in outside the general economic policy of the state. And the correlation between the NCAAH and ATU budgets influences the planning of these budgets.

The elaboration of NCAAH projects is carried out following the methodical notes elaborated by the Department of Finance, which contain the methodology of this trial.

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