Fish Genetics and Brood Stock Development

Disease free/ disease resistant brood stock is of paramount importance for sustainable aquaculture. The key factor in broodstock maintenance and breeding technology is the maintenance of optimum water quality. It is estimated that more than 60 % of Penaeus monodon and F. indicus brooders caught wild are affected by multiple virus aetiology, and this threat only increases with the emergence of new pathogens. The ultimate aim of research in this area is to develop a sound technology, which will assure a steady supply of disease free nauplii to satisfy the requirement of hatcheries in India.

The technology being envisaged includes, screening and selection of healthy founder population of brooders based on molecular markers, maturation in grow out, completion of maturation in indoor facility, breeding and spawning in a controlled recirculatory system, and finally to maintain a broodstock bank for P. monodon and M. rosenbergii, the two major species cultured in India. The entire technology will be totally organic, a step towards achieving the overall goal of Total Organic Shrimp Aquaculture right from brood stock to market.

Latest result from  Macrobrachium rosenbergii (M.Tech project)

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